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Genetic Dwarf Fruit

The actual fruiting part of the tree is dwarfed in size; budded on a standard sized rootstock. The bloom on many genetic dwarfs (especially stone fruit) is very showy. Most reach a height of 6' to 8'.



NECTARINA - Grows 5' to 6'. Very ornamental with dense foliage and semi-double pink flowers. Excellent crops of medium-size, red-cheeked, freestone fruit. Bears heavy and very early. Flesh is golden and flavorful. Ripens mid-July. Medium chilling requirement.

NECTAR BABE - One of the best genetic dwarf nectarines. Mid-season yellow freestone. Heavy bearer, requires pollination.

NECTAR-ZEE - One of the best. Bears in mid-June. Firm, flavorful, yellow flesh freestone.


BONANZA - Blooms and bears fruit very early. Will reach 5' to 6'. Fruit is blushed red with yellow, freestone flesh. Ripens early.

HONEY BABE - The earliest ripening freestone peach with best flavor of any genetic peach. Fruit is large and deep red over yellow.

PIX-ZEE - Delicious, firm, yellow flesh freestone. Self-fertile.

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